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SWISSLAB: The Swiss Labour Market in the Digital Transformation

SWISSLAB generates knowledge about the opportunities and risks of digitalization for different labour market participants. It studies the effect of digitalisation on employment relationships and the matching of labour supply and demand. A core element of the project is the collection of extensive data from labour market actors. SWISSLAB is part of the National Research Programme “Digital Transformation” (NRP 77) and financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).



What is the aim of SWISSLAB?


The main goal of SWISSLAB is to identify potential adjustment processes in response to the digital transformation in Swiss firms and on the Swiss labour market. The basis are four key research modules.





How do we collect our data?


Each research module is based on specific data we collect from different labour market participants in Switzerland: employers, employees, unemployed workers, and labour market entrants.

How can you participate in our surveys?


Are you interested in contributing to our research on the digital transformation? Get all information about our surveys here.

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